Creating A Path to Exceptional Sales Performance
Sales readiness and enablement sets the foundation that equips sales teams with the insight,
expert knowledge, content, selling tools and processes to be successful in today’s highly
competitive marketplace.
Sales readiness and enablement are not disparate concepts. Together they provide a bridge
between sales planning and execution. They are the twin engines that powers sellers with the
skills, knowledge, selling tools and content at each stage of the customer buying journey
needed to close more business. This is more than just a strategy, it’s a continuous process that
empowers seller success.

Sales Readiness & Enablement Managed Service Benefits

  • Unlock knowledge and ensure sales content and product training is continuously updated
    without any additional administrative overhead on internal staff.
  • Access to best-of-breed technology, tools and expertise staff that enhance the effectiveness of
    sales readiness and enablement initiative.
  • Reduces the number of interfaces that sellers have to work with (everything is integrated in
    the CRM).
  • Improves customer data capture volume, quality & integration for better customer insight
    analysis and reporting.
  • Flexible that scales to meet an organization’s needs change over time based on factors such as
    workforce size, geographical location, or changes in market dynamics (+ or -).
  • Doesn’t require any additional staff with expertise to manage a sales enablement program or
    administer any technology.
  • Provides a consistent program across different regions and languages, ensuring a standardized
    approach to sales readiness and enablement worldwide.
  • Sales readiness and enablement purchased as an outsourced annual managed service is more
    cost-effective than building practice and maintaining an in-house team.
  • Expense is out of sales operational budget (not a corporate capital expense), so it’s less
    challenging to get funding, and this approach works better for smaller organizations that are
    capital constrained.

TEG’s Sales Readiness & Enablement Managed Service
We provide the right expert knowledge, engagement content and selling tools, delivered in the
right content and cadence that works for every sales engagement scenario. Our sales readiness
and enablement services are supported by proven learning methodologies, process frameworks
and a best-of-breed delivery technology that will improve revenue outcomes for your team.

  1. Assessment, Strategy, Planning & Execution
  2. Training & Coaching
  3. Content & Knowledge Packaging (curation)
  4. Process & Technology Implementation, Integration & Administration
  5. Program Management & Optimization (on-going)
  6. Utilization & Financial Impact Reporting