Selling is hard. Really hard.

Sales is challenged on every front with...

Distractions and administrative time sucks.

Changes in product strategy and campaigns are continuous.

Reaching unresponsive prospects is a frustrating slog at best with hope for an angle that unlocks more doors.

Competition and Market shifts are ceaseless keeping you unsure of what to say and to whom.

To improve results, sellers need the kind of support that assists them in effectively navigating the increasingly complex environment of BtoB sales to be able to close more business.

You must unlock the knowledge they need
Sellers need knowledge, the knowledge to navigate your organization, understand your solutions, and capture and hold the attention of your prospects and customers.
To ensure results you must enable a process that facilitates seller competency.
And a system

The Science of Readiness™ provides the content, processes and platform that actually assists sales in improving their skills through effective knowledge management and scientifically based learning and support models.

SoR delivers a network of contextually delivered knowledge, content and tools that ensures engagement, creates understanding, supports situational conversations that ultimately ensures competency. Sales teams are happy and productive.

Each implementation is configured specifically for your organization through focused and governed curation of he most important knowledge and content. Ultimately delivering the right content at the right time, ensuring both efficiency and effectiveness of their efforts.

Those who deploy the SoR solution experience the following outcomes.

Improved time to productivity by over 30%

Hybrid Agile learning processes change the game with reps becoming smarter, faster.

Quota achievement increases by more than 25%

Continuous coaching and reinforcement makes all the difference to deliver better conversations.

Increased conversion ratio by 22%

Delivering the right messaging in the right form, helps the customer understand true value.

Deals close faster by upwards of 15%

Providing the right knowledge, content, tools and expertise at the right time creates faster response times.

60% consumed 7 pieces of content before contacting a salesperson

44% put more emphasis on the trustworthiness of the source of content

45% of people said they find research/survey reports to be most valuable

35% said content lacks personalization to their stage in the buyer journey

41% said that content was relevant to their companies