TEG Brainshark Onboarding

Welcome! To review and evaluate next steps, you need to add TEG as a user in your Brainshark instance by asking your company admin to give TEG an account in your Brainshark. We will need some general account information as well as access to your corporate account.

Please see the questions and the steps below. Your company administrator (CADMIN) must do this step. If you are unsure if you are the CADMIN, here’s a simple way to check. Follow the steps below.

Please see the questions and the steps below. If you do not know your account information, it is simple to find in your account. If you do not know your account information or need additional help identifying your CADMIN, please contact your assigned representative OR Brainshark Support (support@brainshark.com).

The information can be found here:


1. Open your Brainshark instance and login

2. Go to the circle in the upper right, click and select Administration

3. Select Manage Users from the right hand menu

4. Click on the red plus on the right and select Add User

5. Enter the following information:


Kat Wass

Director of Operations

The Enablement Group

(note, this is a general login for our team and makes it easier for us to use the account as a company)

6. Select the following options:

(note: we need authoring but not admin privileges please)

Please fill out the form below to give TEG access:

Please fill out the fields below to ensure that TEG will have the correct access to your presentations.
You will want to offer as many author IDs as you anticipate we will need. We can always edit/add in the future. Please add the names and author ID's of each author.

Great! We should have access and will confirm with you. Thank you!

The TEG Team