Optimizing yield across your marketing and sales funnel

TEG is the only B2B marketing agency that can support an organization’s go-to-market efforts across the entire customer journey. Our unique approach bridges your marketing and sales efforts to maximize revenue and eliminate funnel churn. We execute successful full-funnel programs and revenue campaigns through a blend of strategic advisory, creative implementation, tech stack administration, and data-driven optimization, that result in new customer acquisition, existing customer growth, and hitting revenue targets.

81% of B2B sales reps believe it is important to have a connected view of data across the buyer journey


We are data-driven, omnichannel marketers

Data-driven insights enable marketing and sales teams to understand customer behaviors, preferences, and pain points and become more targeted, personalized, and effective in every interaction channel


We integrate your marketing and sales funnel

Marketing plays a crucial role in enabling a sales organization to be successful by equipping the team with the right content, training, customer insight, and selling tools – which must be delivered in the right time frame and the right channel. Data and analytics also help marketing and sales teams to understand what content is being engaged by customers that progress them to the next stage in their path to purchase.

Content, knowledge & sales tool curation are the key

B2B buying Journeys are complex, dynamic, and non-linear. A typical B2B customer journey includes at least six different interaction channels, consumes 13 different content assets, and can take as long as 12 months until a decision is reached.



60% consumed 7 pieces of content before contacting a salesperson



44% put more emphasis on the trustworthiness of the source of content



45% of people said they find research/survey reports to be the most valuable



35% said content lacks personalization to their stage in the buyer journey



41% said that content was relevant to their companies

Source: Demand Gen Report – 2021 Content Preferences Survey Report

An experienced team with over 100 collective years in Agency & Client-Side Marketing

TEG’s philosophy is focused on improving buisness outcomes, that’s why makes us diffrent. We ensure a coordinated go-to-market approach across all stakeholders that will increase the number of MQLs that convert to SQLs and yield more sales revenue (21% increase on average). The impact of marketing content and sales tool creation can now be measured to optimize spend-to-revenue contribution.

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Assessment and Strategy

  • GTM readiness assessment (sales knowledge, content audit & improvement plan)
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Intent-based marketing
  • Full funnel analysis & management (increase conversation ratio yield)
  • Utilization & attribution measurement

Product/Corporate Marketing

  • Plan/Strategy Development
  • Messaging/Positioning Documentation
  • Product Launches
  • Brand & Identity
  • Websites
  • Content Curation
  • Collateral, eBook, Infographics & PPT Presentations
  • Interactive Sales Playbooks (guided selling)
  • Creative Projects (photography, videos, explainer animations)
  • Content Creation, Blog & Social Media Postings

Marketing Lead Generation

  • ABM/Intent-Based Campaigns
  • Webinars
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • SEO & SEM
  • Social Networking Ad Campaigns

Public Relations

  • Press Releases
  • Media/Analyst Relations
  • Campaign Execution (media outreach)
  • Social Media
  • News Tracking
  • Media Training

Marketing Events

  • Booth Design
  • Tradeshows/Roadshow Logistics
  • Onsite Support
  • Keynote Presentations & Coaching

Sales Enablement

  • Sales Tool Creation (configurators, calculators)
  • Sales/CRM Management/Administration
  • Interactive Playbooks (guided selling)
  • Training & Coaching
  • Analytics

Marketing/Sales Operations

  • MarTech/SalesTech Integration & Tech Administration
  • Omnichannel Lead Scoring Models
  • Budget & Program Management
  • Vendor Negotiations & Management